Options & choices

While secondary glazing is a relatively simple product, there are a number of options and choices available to allow it to work in almost any setting.

Frame & fixing options

Most of our secondary glazing styles are available as either face or reveal fixed, odd or equal leg, and either with or without a timber subframe (see table below for details).

Face fix secondary windows are fitted directly onto the internal face of an existing timber window. Typically these are the simplest to fit  as they don’t need any drilling or fixing into brick or plasterwork. Because they are fixed directly to the existing window, no subframe is required. However, subframes are often used as a spacer, to increase the gap between the secondary glazing and the original window. This can provide extra space for existing window handles and furniture, and by increasing the air gap it improves both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Reveal fix windows are fitted into the window reveal. This provides a bigger air gap between the secondary and the original window, which is good for thermal and noise insulation. It also means that you’re not fixing directly into the original window, which is important in listed and heritage buildings. Typically reveal fix windows use a timber sub-frame, however direct fix odd-leg options are also available.

Frame colours

All of our secondary glazing is available in white, anodised aluminium or brown finishes as standard. As an option, frames can be sprayed in any RAL colour at extra cost.

Timber subframes are prefinished in white as standard (stained brown for brown frames). They can be supplied unfinished, or – for extra cost – painted in any colour you require.

Glass options

Secondary glazing comes pre-glazed with 4mm clear glass as standard. Several other options are available to enhance safety & security, thermal efficiency and noise reduction:

Glass type safety thermal acoustic
4mm float clear cross cross cross
4mm float patterned cross cross cross
4mm toughened clear tick cross cross
4mm toughened patterned tick cross cross
4mm K low-e clear cross tick cross
4mm K low-e toughened clear tick tick cross
6mm float clear cross cross tick
6mm float patterned cross cross tick
6mm toughened clear tick cross tick
6.4mm laminated clear tick cross tick
6.4mm K low-e laminated clear tick tick tick
6.8mm acoustic laminated clear tick cross tick


As well as glass, we can glaze secondary panels with mesh flyscreens. They are almost completely transparent – you’d hardly notice them – and allow full ventilation. In the summer you can open your windows and prevent flies and bugs from getting in.

On most secondary styles the panels are removable, meaning that you can take the flyscreens out in the winter when your windows aren’t open. Some people even order secondary with an extra set of interchangeable panels – glazed to keep the heat in during the winter, and flyscreens to keep the bugs out in summer!

Shapes & arches

Fixed, liftout and – in some designs – even hinged units can be shaped or arched, allowing them to match more unusual window shapes. And by coupling shaped fixed panels to other secondary window styles, the permutations are almost endless.


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More information…

We’re more than happy to discuss the different options and choices available on our secondary glazing with you. Then, when you’re ready to order, we’ll guide you through the ordering process to make sure get exactly what you need. Contact us for more information.