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After lots of work, we’re really pleased that the new Incarnation Windows website (i.e. this one!) is live and ready to view. We’ve spent a lot of time over recent weeks – in between making top class secondary glazing of course – working on this site, so it’s great to finally be able to release it to the public.

new websiteOne of the key things we’ve been working on is identifying what information our customers, potential customers and anyone who’s interested in secondary glazing might want to see. Given that our audience ranges from homeowners to trade customers to commercial specifiers, there are a lot of different angles to cover. Hopefully we’ve got the balance right.

As with any website, the job’s never done. We’re releasing the site now, but there are still a couple of pages we need to complete. We’re currently collecting images to publish on our gallery page, and as soon as we’ve sorted them all out, they’ll be published. We love seeing pictures of secondary glazing installed by our customers, so if you have any, please feel free to send them over to us. We’re also collating our brochures and technical information and converting them all into a format ready to download. Again, once we have them all done we’ll put them up on the site.

And, of course, we plan to continually update the site, keeping it up-to-date and expanding it with more information. In particular you’ll see this on the Help & Advice page, where we’ll be adding FAQs and any other useful information we think our customers might find useful. If you have any suggestions for this (or for any updates or improvements to the site), then please let us know.

So, we hope you enjoy our new website and – most importantly – find it useful. Keep popping back to see what we’ve added, or sign up to our updates (use the box in the bar on the right) and we’ll let you know when things have changed.


The Incarnation Windows team


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